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Queena Yu

"I’ve had the pleasure to attend several events hosted by RCLA, such as the LSAT Bootcamp, Lawyer Panel, and Women in Law. Being able to meet other likeminded students and network with industry professionals is one of the biggest reasons why I continued to be involved with RCLA! I have really gotten to know the field much better through my times as a participant, so I highly encourage YOU to sign up for the events if you want to pursue law!”

Past Events

Games Night

The first event of the year introduced the Class of 2026 to Rotman Commerce through several games that develop important skills for Rotman students including teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Beyond the Scope

This event conveyed the realities of law school, from law student panelists sharing their experiences on writing the LSAT, to their overall perspectives regarding their studies. 

Notion Negotiations

Students were provided with the opportunity to develop their public speaking, debating, and networking skills, and create high levels of engagement through argumentative discussion. The top debaters were presented with Awards [mention names].

LSAT Bootcamp

A panel of lawyers, law students, and admissions officers presented their perspectives on the LSAT. Attendees were able to ask about the LSAT, the law school application process, and anything law school-related.